A virtuous approach

The primary focus of the project: preserving of our resources

The heating, water filter and thermal cover systems were designed with the aim of making the site’s energy consumption as efficient as possible.

The extracted healing water is also used for treatments and leisure purposes. In order to preserve the spring (not originating from groundwater), the thermal resource received approval for prefectural use, which establishes the maximum consumption flow rate. Due to its high mineral content, the water cannot be used for irrigation, manufacturing or drinking water.

The naturally heated thermal spring (35°C) covers a large share of the facility’s heating requirements which therefore contributes to the preservation of our resources.

To complement this natural supply, Nancy Thermal is connected to the Greater Nancy urban heating network. This is mainly supplied by waste-to-energy, biomass and cogeneration. This heating network prevents over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 from being produced each year.

Considerable water savings have been made by the installation of a treatment facility combining slow filtration using recycled glass beads and UV dechlorination guaranteeing the best water quality for consumers.

Ten thermal covers are used on the outdoor pools all year round. This equipment reduces the site's heating consumption by almost 5,000 Mwh/year and prevents the emission of 450 tonnes of CO2/year.