A city of nature

With 300 hectares of public parks, hiking routes, equestrian centres and waterside natural spaces, the area is ideal for walkers, cyclists, hikers, boaters and camper van drivers alike.

Forest parks or castles, English landscape gardens, etc. Whether you’re relaxing or doing a workout, admiring the flora and fauna or losing yourself in a good book, there are plenty of reasons to visit the area’s many parks.

Nancy’s 24 parks and gardens and 19 squares give walkers the chance to discover a rich diversity of plants and environments. These places of tranquillity reflect the history of the duchy.

Discover the parks and gardens of Nancy here

Leisurely family strolls

The Baludik app invites families to discover the hidden gems of Greater Nancy through treasure hunts. 

There are five routes to choose from: 
-    From squares to parks with Stanislas - Part 1 (45 minutes)
-    From squares to parks with Stanislas - Part 2 (45 minutes)
-    Nancy, the Art Nouveau capital (1 hour)
-    Nancy the industrialist (2 hours)
-    Nature Rally (1 hour) 

A little extra! Children receive a Perfect Heritage Explorer diploma at the end of the walk.

Discover the five Greater Nancy routes here

Bike rides

Whether it’s for getting around town, doing exercise or riding at your leisure, cycling is one of the most environmentally-friendly modes of transport. With the Greater Nancy Cycling Map, you can now access over 220 km of cycle ways, 1,250 bikes for short- and long-term rental and over 10,000 bike parking spaces.

Maison du Vélo

The Greater Nancy Maison du Vélo is located a stone’s throw from Place Stanislas, 6 rue Claude Charles in Nancy.

With a workshop, marking service, and a pump and wash station, the Maison du Vélo promotes soft modes of transport and also provides a bike-school service aimed at both younger and older riders who wish to hone their city bike-riding skills. To promote accessibility for people with disabilities, it creates tandems for sighted and partially sighted people incorporating training for the person volunteering to steer.

The Maison du Vélo also offers bike rides with 10 cycle routes allowing you to discover the rich natural and cultural heritage of the city and its surrounding areas.

Consult the cycle routes here

Moselle loop

The Moselle loop has a variety of natural landscapes and unspoilt spaces (meadows, ponds and chalk grasslands) and is home to a wealth of diverse flora and fauna. The route is also punctuated with an outstanding historical heritage: religious buildings, World Heritage Sites, a medieval town, typical Lorraine villages and an ancient iron mine.

The cycling itinerary is 85 km long and is situated at the crossroads of the V52 (Paris-Strasbourg) and Voie Bleue – Moselle Saône (V50) cycle paths. The Moselle loop is an official variant of the latter. This destination is promoted by the following community partners: Bassin de Pompey, Moselle et Madon, Terres Touloises, Meurthe-et-Moselle, l’esprit Lorraine and Grand Nancy.

Discover the Moselle loop video here

Download the Moselle loop map here