Between nature and Art nouveau

Located in the centre of the Art nouveau quarter, Nancy Thermal adjoins the Sainte-Marie park, a veritable oasis of greenery at the heart of Nancy.


Covering 7.5 hectares, created by the Jesuits in 1620, it is the city’s second largest park. It is closely linked to Nancy's balneotherapy past and present, and Nancy School, a 19th century Art nouveau movement which drew inspiration from nature.

Along the wide winding paths, you can discover remarkable trees, including a stunning magnolia tree, a bandstand, a rockery and pool, beautiful grass lawns and even an old Alsatian House, created for the International Exhibition of the East of France in 1909.

Nancy Thermal is also located a stone’s throw from the Nancy School Museum and its stunning garden, and rue Félix Faure, which features naturalist-style houses, not far from the famous Villa Majorelle, the jewel in the crown of Nancy’s Art nouveau gems.

An Art-nouveau-themed tourist walking trail

Punctuated with highlights and specific signposts indicating the duration, this circuit guides visitors on an Art nouveau tour. It extends to the Saurupt quarter culminating in a loop around Nancy Thermal (Sainte-Marie park, Nancy School Museum, Villa Majorelle, etc.).

Discover the Art nouveau tourist trail